LunaRverse - LunarPad’s Metaverse

Lunarverse is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, own, and monetize their virtual assets.  
We empower players to be part of the Lunarverse, providing them with the means to unleash and monetize their full potential and creativity.

The Lunarverse MoonLand

Lunarverse’s MoonLands are digital pieces of real estate on the Meta Moon. MoonLands are creative spaces that can be earned or purchased and are used to publish your project’s logo, your creative content or it can be rented to creators who want to publish theirs. Each MoonLand is a unique non-fungible token (NFT).

Each project listed on LunarPad will automatically earn a spot on a MoonLand meta-board, which is a virtual billboard in the metaverse and the project’s logo will be published for one full week.

Lunar games - phase 1

Play to earn Lunar Badges! Certain badges will have instant prices and a combination of badges will have a monetary prize, meaning if you earn or combine Lunar Badges, you will receive significant BUSD prizes, while others will earn limited edition NFTs and exclusive whitelist spots to the best rated projects by our AI algorithm.

All badges are earned in the course of 1 week. More exciting badges will be added soon. 

Lunar games - phase 2

Play the multiverse Lunar game where you can hunt for rare types of metaverse monsters and fight with other players. Fight and survive in the Lunarverse battles to earn tokens and MoonLand.

Preview of gaming assets